Rich Anderson for RPV Chair - Middle Resolution

August 1, 2020

Rich Anderson for RPV Chair

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We are just two weeks away from the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) state convention. During the non-assembled convention (you drive through a line to cast your votes), you will be voting for Chairman of the Republican party. Let me explain why The Middle Resolution is enthusiastically supporting former Delegate Rich Anderson for RPV Chair!

First, it is critically important that we change leadership! RPV has struggled for more than a decade. The leadership of the party has operated under a model that has not attracted youth, women, or minorities. This has to change if we are to win statewide and take back the majority in the General Assembly. Our values are the values that most people agree with. The problem is that the party has fallen short engaging voters on these values.

Second, Rich has a tremendous amount of experience engaging Virginians on both sides of the aisle. His ability to dialogue intelligently and passionately with all levels of the political spectrum will be key to the RPV’s success. He has served in the grassroots community for over 12 years and as a member of the House of Delegates for 8 years. His wife, Ruth, served on the Prince William Board of Supervisors for many years. Between the two of them, they have over two decades of political involvement in Virginia. That will be a valuable asset as he begins to advance conservative values across the state.

Third, fundraising will be a critical part of restructuring and advancing RPV. Rich has 8 years of experience raising money. His rolodex is unmatched by his opponents! Rich has the ability to raise money, not only in VA, but also outside of VA. Money is the life blood of politics and fundraising the heart that supplies that blood.

We look forward to working with Rich the day he is elected. He has promised me that he will hit the ground running on August 16, 2020!

Virginia Republicans need a dramatic change to the way they engage Virginians and Rich Anderson is that change agent!!

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