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June 26, 2020

Have You Had Enough?

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Does it seem to you that our country has turned upside down? The pandemic was bad enough. But now it seems the values we find so important to maintain civil society have been completely overcome with fear and intimidation by a small group of anarchists. And our politicians, once again, have cowardly capitulated to those demands!

History is replete with this behavior, e.g. – Democratic Convention in Chicago 1968, Rodney King Riots in Los Angeles 1992, Ferguson 2015, and now Minneapolis, Chicago, Richmond, Los Angeles, New York , Atlanta 2020. In each of these instances, police brutality was the underlying justification for protests which inevitably lead to rioters destroying local pharmacies, burning down grocery stores, attacking business owners who dare defend their livelihood and attacking the police.

What do these protestors and rioters want? They claim they want social justice. (BTW- Today social justice is defined as redistributive justice, which is not justice at all!) But when you read the websites of these groups, such as Black Lives Matter, there is no mention of justice, reconciliation or unification. In fact, their message is just the opposite. It is about division. They see themselves as “a global Black Network”, a network of black power separate from the rest of the human race. Furthermore, they want to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure….” . That is a recipe for disaster. One of the biggest problems in the inner-city is fatherlessness. There is no mention of encouraging fathers to be part of their children’s lives. The facts are clear – one of the number one reasons for poverty is single parent households.

History has shown that following these riots, the inner-city communities were destroyed and eventually, those who could afford it, left for the suburbs growing the concentration of poverty in the inner-city. The protests and riots do not have a positive impact at all. Instead of improving the plight of the impoverished and minorities, we have only made it worse. It’s as if these people want to keep people trapped in poverty.

How can we change this? The first thing we have to do is get rid of the politicians who have created this problem. For decades, Democrats with progressive ideologues continue to be elected to rule over these communities. You look at almost every major city in America and you will find that Democrats have controlled them for over 50 years. In Richmond alone, there has only been one Republican mayor since 1868. And the last four have been black. You would think that they would have had the ability to at least begin to fix the problems that plague Richmond. But instead, it feels like Richmond is burning once again.

You couple the failed leadership in the inner-city with the job killing actions of the Governor Northam this past General Assembly and during the pandemic, we find ourselves in a situation that seems almost impossible to fix.

I argue that these problems can be resolved but they require new leadership and a renewed conservative movement. We need new solutions, not excuses.

The Middle Resolution team has been hard at work behind the scenes working with a number of groups that are engaging immigrants, suburban moms, disaffected Republicans, and never Trumpers. We have formed alliances with groups from across the country who have said, “We do not want to lose Virginia to the radical left! How can we help?”

This collaboration has been extremely encouraging but at the same time overwhelming because we have our work cut out for us. It is going to cost millions to turn things around.

You have been with us since the early days of The Middle Resolution. It has been your support that has made us the premier conservative campaign and policy group in Virginia. We are asking you once again to help us fight the misguided politicians that have taken over Virginia. We ask that you contribute generously! Our Commonwealth is depending on people like you to step up!

If I know one thing, kneeling to anarchists is not the solution to reconciliation and unification. History will continue to repeat itself unless we make fundamental changes in how we address race relations.

Thank you for your continued support! 

Craig DiSesa
The Middle Resolution

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