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June 3, 2020

What’s Happening to Virginia?

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Bad Policies!  That’s what!

I hope everyone is well and is ready to bust out of their pandemic stupor to bring the economy back to its pre-crisis glory.

In our last email, I reported that the Governor was reviewing legislation and the budget sent to him by the General Assembly. Obviously, the pandemic and its subsequent impact on state revenues forced the Governor to make some reductions in the budget. We encouraged him to veto many of the bills that were going to have a negative impact on small businesses and municipalities as they began (if they survived) to claw out of the economic malaise caused by the health crisis.

However, the pressure from his progressive wing was pushing hard and in the end, the Governor sent this legislation back to the GA with amendments to only delay the enactment of these bills to May 1, 2021. It is ironic that these progressives recognized the devastating impact these bills would have on business, but completely ignored the negative impact they would have in the future.

Republicans voted unanimously to kill these amendments in the hopes the Governor would veto the original legislation, but Democrats all voted to pass the amendments and they have the majority in both chambers!

Our worst nightmare has come true as the Democrats passed freedom-infringing legislation in almost every policy area. This is why it is so critical Republicans regain control of at least one branch of the legislature in 2021!

Presently, we are working with several organizations to focus on returning at least one General Assembly chamber back to Republican control. I am encouraged because all of these groups came to us and several are out of state. They have momentum and resources they are willing to bring to Virginia.

One important note is that all these different groups came to The Middle Resolution because of our strong record in helping to elect conservative candidates to office. They recognized that our supporters are relentless in their pursuit of strong conservative leadership.

We look forward to working with you to continue the vision of equal justice, equal opportunity, personal responsibility and fiscal restraint at all levels of government.

Lastly, we don’t say it enough, “Thank you for your steadfast support!” We truly appreciate your confidence in all we do. It is your support that will bring sanity back to Virginia.

Craig DiSesa


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