Let’s Rally to Reopen - Middle Resolution

April 21, 2020

Let’s Rally to Reopen

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Rally to Reopen Virginia’s Economy!

The news for the past six weeks has been overwhelming. The impact of the pandemic we are experiencing is unprecedented!  It has changed billions of lives forever.

It is time to figure out a way to safely return Virginia back to some sort of normalcy.  The Heritage Foundation just released a safe and smart plan encouraging states to “go back to work in certain areas during the COVID-19 pandemic while proceeding cautiously with targeted mitigation, caring for the vulnerable, and making realistic boosts in testing and contact tracing.”  Unfortunately, the Governor has not presented a plan to return Virginians back to work.  It is time to let him know that Virginia needs to return to work.  If we don’t, we will plunge into a depression we have not seen for almost 90 years!

Tomorrow, you will have a chance to have your voices heard during the General Assembly Reconvene Session. There will be a driveby rally at the Capitol Building in Richmond (stay in your car) to encourage the Governor and legislators to develop a plan to safely reopen Virginia’s economy.

Cars will gather at Willow Lawn Shopping Center at 1601 Willow Lawn Drive at 10am tomorrow (April 22nd).   We will drive downtown from there.

Please join us!
Decorate your car with signs and flags.

Tips if you are on foot:
Do not attempt to go on Capitol grounds.
You can legally be on public sidewalks.
Observe 6′ social distancing so the police will know that you are following Northam’s executive orders.

Let’s demonstrate that it’s time for a plan to reopen!

It's Up to You: We rely on the generous support of people like you to help support candidates across Virginia.

If you would like to donate by mail. Please send a check to PO Box 479, Mechanicsville, VA 23111