Republican Party Of Virginia Cancels House District 97 Firehouse Primary - Middle Resolution

May 31, 2019

Republican Party Of Virginia Cancels House District 97 Firehouse Primary

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It has been a long month! On May 1, Del. Peace supporters on the 97th House District Legislative District Committee tried to cancel the May 4th convention and called for a firehouse primary on June 1st.

This did not stop almost 500 delegates from attending the convention and Scott Wyatt won the nomination overwhelmingly on May 4th. The Chair of the Legislative District Committee, Tom Miller, certified Scott Wyatt as the 97th District nominee!

However, this did not deter Peace and his supporters. They have claimed for exactly one month that the convention was fake and that the real nomination election would occur on June 1st.

It is unfortunate that an incumbent and his supporters would try to change a nomination contest three days before the convention when they realized they were going to lose. Equally unfortunate is that the Republican Party of Virginia leadership would overstep their authority and support this injustice.

The good news is that lady justice has prevailed! Last night, in a vote of 7-4, the State Central (Governing body of the Virginia Republican Party) Exec. Committee agreed with the May 20th decision by the First District Committee to confirm the May 4th convention valid; Scott Wyatt as the official 97th District nominee; and the firehouse primary null and void. They also instructed the RPV leadership to reflect this decision in all of their comments moving forward.

Please note: None of the three Republican committees in the 97th House District are participating in the event on Saturday June 1st. At this point, it is an event that is executed solely by the Peace campaign and is not an authorized RPV event. This event has been officially removed from the RPV calendar.

Congratulations to Scott Wyatt as the Republican nominee in 97th District!

Craig DiSesa
The Middle Resolution

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