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April 5, 2019

The Radical Left Has Lost It!

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

When we founded the Middle Resolution, we were focused on basic constitutional principles of liberty and freedom, among which are free speech and the right to peacefully assemble.  We gather regularly as citizens to discuss how we can make Virginia’s government more accountable to taxpayers and hear from legislative leaders about what is happening in the General Assembly.  The meetings are congenial, and I am always encouraged to see so many people concerned about our sacred American values. 

That’s why, at last week’s meeting, I was stunned—stunned—when we were accosted by several rude protestors who screamed at everyone who entered, including elderly women and elected officials, “Nazi! Nazi! Nazi!” I offered to speak with them to see if there was any way to address their concerns, but they refused even to shake my hand and would only continue to yell one of the most awful epithets of our time. Other intimidation tactics included holding their camera phone in our faces as we tried to have a dialogue and following and yelling at our guests as they went to the restroom!

What caused these hooligans to try to disrupt our right to free speech?  They claim to be protesting the invited speaker at our April 18 event, former advisor to President Trump, Dr. Sebastian Gorka.  Some on the fringe left claim Dr. Gorka’s father, who was an anti-Soviet dissident in Hungary in the 1960’s and 1970’s, belonged to a party with roots in the Nazi party of the 1920’s.  I guess it’s lost on these protestors that the American Democratic party was the party of slavery, Jim Crow, Japanese internment camps, opposition to civil rights, and massive resistance to black children in public schools.  Their hypocrisy and ignorance are epoch! Their arguments about Dr. Gorka are beyond imagination.

Please click here to see how Dr. Gorka takes on the left.  It’s no wonder they are attacking him.

You can rest assured, we aren’t going to allow them to keep pushing this lie, and we certainly refuse to back down in the face of these intimidation tactics.  Ironically, the Gorka event has become so popular we have moved it to a larger venue (click here for details)!

The founding principle of the Middle Resolution is that there is a wide political spectrum—ranging from tyranny to anarchy—with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution the proper balance of those political extremes.  It’s why we condemned the extremists who participated in last summer’s protests in Charlottesville. And that is why I personally condemn the extremists who tried to bully our supporters.

It’s important to have a dialogue, which is the essence of a strong civil society.  But when people who hold a different viewpoint resort to intimidation and racist demagoguery, our rights are being threatened, and we won’t back down.

Standing for freedom and condemning tyranny,

Craig DiSesa
The Middle Resolution

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“Behind the Scenes”

Dr. Sebastian Gorka
Former Strategist and Deputy Assistant to the President
Fox News Contributor
Wednesday, April 18th 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Delta Hotels Marriott Richmond Downtown
555 E Canal St, Richmond, VA 23219

Heavy Hors d’Oeuvres and Beverages will be Served
Attire: Business Casual

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