“This has helped us explain […] why our legislator needs to be held accountable” - Middle Resolution

July 31, 2018

“This has helped us explain […] why our legislator needs to be held accountable”

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“Thanks for the scorecard, this has helped us explain to people in our district why our legislator needs to be held accountable.”
– A Virginia Grassroots Leader

I have to admit, when we released the scorecard, I wasn’t sure what the reaction was going to be. Would people like the honesty and objectivity of it or try to nit-pick why their favorite legislator was ranked the way he or she was? The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and that quote you saw was from just one of many emails I received.

This scorecard was a monumental release – not just for us this year, but also for everyone who wanted to know “Why?”. Why we support who we do.  Why we fight.  Why we believe in accountability.
The scorecard provides an effective tool for evaluating legislator behavior. We have spent the past several months analyzing the districts of the Republican legislators who voted for the largest expansion of the welfare state in Virginia history.  At this time, we are carefully considering where and how we can make a difference in promoting strong economic growth, equal justice, and opportunity for all Virginians. 

I hope that The Middle Resolution Scorecard becomes another tool in your ability to better understand the political process and informs your discretion about your legislator.

As we close out our July reporting period, can you contribute $25 to help us expand our work as we continue to help Congressman Dave Brat win re-election this year and prepare for the House of Delegates and Virginia Senate races in 2019?

Thank you for your support,

Craig DiSesa
The Middle Resolution

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