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July 9, 2017

Why Do Conservatives Do That?

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Dear Friends and Supporters of The Middle Resolution,

A sense of relief washed over me on election day when Ed Gillespie emerged the victor from a very close race. But when I heard Corey Stewart’s concession speech, I thought, “Here we go again!” As is always the case with Virginia Republican politics we are never without drama. Many have asked me,  “Why can’t Republicans come together to win an election?”, followed up by, “Why do we always battle from within?”

The simple answer is conservatives, in general, tend to be much more independent than liberals. We have very strong core beliefs and principles that we feel are worth fighting for. On the other hand, progressives in this country are incapable of having strong core principals because that would require believing in moral absolutes. This lack of core principles makes it much easier for them to compromise and coalesce after a difficult battle in a primary.

However, we also believe once a primary is over, conservatives must all come together to win in November. Anyone who holds out because they think Ed Gillespie isn’t the perfect candidate is only allowing our opponents to win. We can assure you that Ralph Northam will not vote for the policies we need to advance economic freedom and opportunity for everyone.  And I mean everyone: those in rural communities and suburbs as well as those in the inner-city. Northam will continue down the path of voting for legislation that supports massive government (we are beyond big government at this point). Northam’s voting history demonstrates he is unwilling to help low income and special needs children but is willing to protect the education bureaucracy’s power and money at their expense.

We respect everyone and their right to vote or not to vote but we encourage all conservatives to seriously consider their responsibilities as citizens in Virginia. We are all called to defend the very liberties so many have died for over the centuries. Staying home on election day is an abdication of this responsibility.In our view, abstaining from voting in November allows the progressives to win!!!

Along with our support for Ed Gillespie, Jill Vogel and John Adams, you have our commitment that, when Ed Gillespie wins, the Middle Resolution will work closely with  Gillespie and his administration to help them stay focused on the very principles he promised to support during his campaign.

In Liberty,
Craig DiSesa

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