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April 30, 2017

Turning Virginia Red

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Dear Friends and Supporters of The Middle Resolution, 

I wanted to write to you today to thank you for being on the front lines of political change here in the Commonwealth. Together, we are turning Virginia RED and restoring the governance of Constitutional principles. 

I would like to bring a bill to your attention that was recently signed by Governor McAuliffe.  According to a press release put out by Delegate Steve Landes:

Del. R. Steven Landes, R-Weyers Cave, announced today that Governor Terry McAuliffe has signed into law House Bill 2053, which allows for the establishment of direct primary care agreements between doctors and their patients. The bill will become law effective July 1, 2017.

“I commend Governor McAuliffe for approving House Bill 2053. Allowing individuals to enter into direct primary care agreements with their doctors will establish a new, innovative healthcare delivery model between patients and doctors…”

I am personally very pleased to see this law enacted. The Middle Resolution brought this concept to Virginia in 2016, and with Nicole Riley’s leadership as State Director of National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), we were able to advance free market healthcare reforms. It is my hope that this is only the first in what will be a restoration of free market health care options for Virginians, and that is why I also want to ask for your help. 

I am constantly humbled by the generosity and commitment of our friends and supporters. I know we can count on you – just as you have come to trust and rely on us. So I am once again asking for your support and generosity. With reforms such as this being passed and doors opening for greater gains in Richmond (not to mention, a statewide general election approaching in November), we are more than busy! We need your support. 

Would you consider helping us WIN in $20.17

Your recurring contribution of $20.17 a month will ensure that we have the funds and resources necessary to continue to advance reform, freedom, and constitutional governance in the Commonwealth. Your donation is what makes everything we do possible. Whether we are lobbying, educating voters, or campaigning, we can’t do it without you.

We have a chance to make Virginia go RED this November and we don’t want to miss it.

Will you help us? Will you help Virginia?

Craig DiSesa

The Middle Resolution 

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