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The Middle Resolution is committed to identifying and electing qualified candidates who align with core conservative principles, advancing public policy that promotes the proper role of government in education, healthcare and election law, and holding leaders accountable to their promises to their constituents.

School Board Endorsements

Chris Daniels
Bedford County District 7

The Middle Resolution PAC is pleased to endorse Chris Daniels for the Bedford County School Board, District 7 seat in the upcoming special election on November 8, 2022. During Chris’ short tenure on the Board as an appointed member, he has shown resolve in making sure that Bedford students, parents and teachers are his priority. His belief that our public schools should be focused on core subject matter, fiscal responsibility, academic excellence and parental rights aligns with what the Middle Resolution believes is invaluable in restoring trust in our public school institutions. Chris is running a strong grassroots campaign and is making a compelling case to the parents, grandparents and community stakeholders in Bedford to support him at the polls in November.

Middle Resolution PAC is focused on making sure that parents across the state of Virginia are empowered to pursue educational options that are best suited to their child’s individual learning styles. We encourage the voters in Bedford County to support Chris Daniels on November 8!

Sara Brescia
Manassas City School Board At-Large

Sara Brescia is a mother of young children and is ready to reform the Manassas City school division from its earliest learners all the way to it’s high school seniors. Sara currently co-manages a local private preschool having previously worked in public education with at-risk students in a challenging public high school. In that role, she saw the reality and devastation when standards are lowered in order to move children through the system.

Manassas City is one of several Virginia jurisdictions that has eliminated deadlines for student work and has established a grade floor. Sara opposes these policies and is running to bring a focus back to core skills and insuring that high academic standards are put in place for every child. It is critical to Sara that children from all backgrounds in this very diverse community are prepared to traverse the realities of life and find success in their endeavors.

Sara has uniquely positioned herself by running a strong campaign and is seen as a rising star with her common sense campaign message and a promise to deliver serious reform to this struggling school system. Sara recognizes that the Manassas City School Board is overdue for a constructive and serious challenge and we believe that she has the potential to lead the board in a new direction. She is an energized newcomer with a winning message that will resonate with parents and teachers who are ready to have public confidence restored to their school system. Manassas City will be well served when Sara is elected this November and we are proud to endorse her candidacy.

Vicki Hurt
Powhatan County School Board District 1

Vicki Hurt knows better than most anyone what it takes to inspire and support children and their families during their educational journey. As a retired educator, Vicki understands the critical importance of a solid curriculum, a focus on academic achievement and meeting the individual needs of children. Under Vicki’s leadership, the largely rural communities in Powhatan can be assured that they will have elected someone who will develop sound school policy that is consistent and transparent across the division.

Vicki’s strong grassroots campaign has put her in a strong position to win this race. In fact, Vicki can be found at the local Dunkin’ Donuts once a week to greet voters, catch up on the local news and make her case for needed change on the Powhatan School Board. We believe that Vicki will make an excellent School Board member in Powhatan County and we strongly endorse her candidacy.

Amy Solares
Virginia Beach City District 2

Amy represents the kind of School Board candidate that every district should aspire to have as their elected member. Amy grew up in Virginia Beach and has one child in Virginia Beach Schools and one who just graduated. She is a local business owner and holds a Juris Doctor degree.

Amy is a passionate volunteer in her community. She spends many hours a week volunteering at the animal care and adoption center run by the Va Beach Police Department and served for many years as a coach for Girls on the Run.

Amy’s strong positions on parental rights, transparency and accountability and restoring excellence to Virginia Beach Schools make her a solid candidate. Amy has demonstrated to Middle Resolution her resolve to win by being a relentless grassroots campaigner. On any given day, voters in her district see her knocking doors and attending community events. She values and respects the views of her future constituents and has pledged to be a voice for them when elected. In Amy’s public appearances, she continues to impress us with her ability to articulate the issues and offer solutions that will drive important policy changes in the Virginia Beach school division when she is elected.

Middle Resolution PAC is pleased to offer our strongest endorsement of Amy Solares, candidate for School Board in the 2nd District of Virginia Beach.

Mike Callan
Virginia Beach City District 6

Mike Callan has proven to be a formidable candidate in his bid to represent the 6th District on the Virginia Beach City School Board. Having grown up in Virginia Beach, Mike is passionate about the school division that he and his children attended and that his grandchildren now attend. Mike’s dedication to his family, his supporters and his faith have guided him through many months of hard campaigning for this seat.

Mike’s background in financial services makes him an excellent choice for this school board given the anticipated demands of working with a division budget that annually exceeds $1B. Mike’s organization and focus on the campaign trail has been impressive both in terms of fundraising and direct contact with voters and stakeholders in his community. Mike has a clear understanding of the challenges that students, parents and teachers face in Virginia Beach Schools. He presents as a solid problem solver with an eye towards the larger goal of students graduating from a division that values academic rigor in order to prepare for the world of work or higher education. In addition, Mike can be counted on to address the critical issues of school safety and parental rights and to do so in a manner that is both deliberative and collaborative.

Parents and community members will be fortunate to have Mike Callan representing them and Middle Resolution is very pleased to offer this endorsement. We encourage the voters in the 6th District of Virginia Beach to get out and vote for Mike on November 8!

David Culepper
Virginia Beach City District 8

David’s career in the Navy has prepared him to take on a leadership role on the Virginia Beach City School Board. David is a graduate of the Naval Academy with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and spent most of his active duty career as a Naval Aviator. David’s prestigious career included being a TOPGUN instructor, commanding an F/A-18 squadron in Japan and the Naval Station in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Between deployments, David and his family always returned to Virginia Beach which they consider their forever home. Their daughter will graduate from the Virginia Beach Schools in 2023.

David’s campaign theme of Students First, Parents Always speaks to his core belief that our schools must put students ahead of every other endeavor and that parents must be engaged in the educational decisions that are being made for their children. We believe that David will be an outstanding leader as a School Board member in Virginia Beach City Schools and we wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy.

Kathleen Brown
Virginia Beach City District 10

Kathleen has run one of the strongest races we have seen this year. Kathleen got involved early in speaking out regarding policies that were being adopted by the current Board in Virginia Beach and decided to enter the race for the 10th District. Kathleen and her husband are raising their four children in a blended family. Kathleen is a long time ice skating coach and has a degree in Business Administration. Kathleen has focused her campaign on transparency with students and families and ensuring that the finances of the school division are focused on programs that benefit all children. In addition, Kathleen has placed a strong emphasis on school safety and plans to dedicate her service as a Board member to making sure that parents have clear information about the career paths that are open to them and how to navigate towards the desired goals of their children.

Kathleen has been a relentless campaigner as she has traversed her district speaking and listening to parents, grandparents and community members. Kathleen has been a consistent presence throughout the spring, summer and fall articulating her platform at community events. Kathleen’s consistent messaging and optimistic attitude about serving her community has been evident throughout her campaign. We enthusiastically endorse Kathleen Brown for School Board in Virginia Beach!

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Governor Glenn Youngkin
The Middle Resolution’s sophistication and political prowess speaks volumes about the candidates it endorses. When added to the conservative values you reflect, your endorsement brings substantial credibility and energy all the way from the grassroots to the donors. The Middle Resolution’s endorsement moved the needle big time on the campaign.
Governor Glenn Youngkin
Governor of Virginia

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