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The Honorable Governor Glenn Youngkin, policy staff
P.O. Box 1475
Richmond, VA 23218

Dear Governor,

I am writing to you today to express my opposition to the 14 bills listed below. These bills if passed into law will weaken Virginia’s ability to keep our elections fair and secure. I have provided the problems with each of the bills to show why your veto is crucially needed. Please veto all these bills.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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Veto HB 26 – Provides new non-verifiable ID for voting, issued by welfare contractors: The bill adds more types of “acceptable” Voter identification, from private organizations certified or licensed by the state, Social Services, Dept. of Health, Behavioral Health, Medical
Assistance. Even if they are issued for other purposes, these ID cards should not be acceptable for voter identification.

Veto HB623 and HB1408 – Reduces local control of elections: Decisions about early voting satellite offices, even daily schedules and locations, are removed from local Electoral Boards who are accountable to the community, and instead put under the control of the state or board of supervisors.

Veto HB 904, SB196 and SB300 – Removes data matching methods and deadlines to weaken verification of voter registrations: These three bills weaken Virginia’s current Voter List Maintenance laws by eliminating deadlines specified in the current law for GeneralRegistrars and the state. Without the existing deadlines, standards will be weakened to maintain current and accurate Registered Voter Lists. Voters in other states or localities have to be identified using a limited set of criteria, reducing the number of potentially illegal voters that will be sent to Registrars to remove.

Veto HB 939 – Limits the Second Amendment: The prohibition of possessing a firearm is expanded from 40-feet out to 100-feet out from a polling location, electoral board meeting location, or drop box. Sponsors had no evidence-based justification for the expanded locations and distance.

Veto HB1177 and SB606 – Forces Virginia to rejoin the leftwing-associated Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC): Virginia, along with eight other states in the last two years, has left ERIC. ERIC failed to clean voter rolls and shared “Personally Identifiable Information” of voters, including minors, with a private left-wing organization. Since then, Governor Youngkin’s administration has built a state-run system that works better than ERIC to clean the voter rolls. Democrats want to force Virginia to rejoin ERIC.

Veto HB1454 and SB246 – Makes non-citizen voting easier: These two bills remove the identifying features used to distinguish between citizen and non-citizen state-issued driver’s permits and special ID cards and extends the valid use period to match real Driver’s License. These bills make it easier for non-citizens to vote.

Veto HB1534 – Limits a voter’s right to challenge another voter’s registration. This bill removes a voter’s right to challenge the legitimacy of any voter’s registration directly to the Registrar. Instead three registered voters must challenge in Circuit Court earlier than 60 days before an election.

Veto SB428 – Suppresses voter’s choices through Ranked Choice Voting. This bill would further reduce transparency and accountability. Election officials would be forced to conduct any “Risk Limiting Audit” only on First-Rankings in an election. Some voters’ choices are already systematically suppressed with Ranked Choice Voting, because votes are eliminated. Ranked Choice Voting should not be an approved method for any elections in Virginia.

Veto SB364 – Limits the First Amendment: This bill could suppress protected speech criticizing election administration. Election officials and electors are given special protected status, and vaguely defined intimidation and “threats” are made causes for civil lawsuits. The bill is not needed to protect election officials, because existing laws protect all persons from intimidation or threats, and even Biden’s DOJ found that 89% of alleged “threats” against election officials were protected speech. No evidence was submitted by sponsors of any actual threats made in Virginia against election officials.

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