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The Middle Resolution is committed to identifying and electing qualified candidates who align with core conservative principles, advancing public policy that promotes the proper role of government in education, healthcare and election law, and holding leaders accountable to their promises to their constituents.

Running for School Board?

Are you concerned about the future of your children or grandchildren? Have you looked around your community and wondered who will step up and help bring a course correction to your public school division? Have you thought about running for School Board?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, then we want to hear from you!

Middle Resolution PAC is committed to improving education for all children in Virginia. Supporting candidates who will dedicate themselves to bettering the lives of our next generation by running for school board is an important step. Sign up here so we can get to know you and your interest in running for school board!

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What We Do

We work closely with campaign teams to elect constitutionally conservative candidates. We challenge not only Democrats but also Republicans who violate their promise to uphold constitutionally conservative principles.

Target Districts

We thoroughly analyze districts and determine the races where we can have the maximum impact in order to achieve a victory.

Vet Candidates

We interview candidates and evaluate their campaigns to determine which candidates align with our values and are running campaigns that we believe are winnable.

Provide Resources

We partner with campaigns and provide assistance as needed as early as possible to ensure candidates are well supported throughout the duration of their races.

Governor Glenn Youngkin
The Middle Resolution’s sophistication and political prowess speaks volumes about the candidates it endorses. When added to the conservative values you reflect, your endorsement brings substantial credibility and energy all the way from the grassroots to the donors. The Middle Resolution’s endorsement moved the needle big time on the campaign.
Governor Glenn Youngkin
Governor of Virginia

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