Our Mission

The Middle Resolution is committed to identifying and electing qualified candidates, collaborating on free market policies and holding leaders accountable.

We Accomplish This By:

  • Helping to elect candidates who align with our values and principles
  • Advancing public policy that promotes the proper role of governement
  • Holding politicians accountable to their promises

Achieving this mission requires establishing leadership that is committed to the values of integrity, personal responsibility, courage, and justice.

A Proven Track Record of Results in Virginia

The Middle Resolution PAC applies business principles to its surgical, political process.  Our Election Success spans

10 of 15

Primary Elections

23 of 28

General Elections


Freedom Caucus Members

Our Legislative Accomplishments include



Introducing and passing true free market reforms in healthcare

Coalition Building



Introducing education choice legislation which was passed by both chambers (twice)

Photo ID


Led a broad coalition to pass Photo ID to vote in Virginia

Assembling and leading broad policy coalitions


We need your help ...

Unlike political campaigns and large out-of-state-groups, your Middle Resolution team is in the Commonwealth 365 days a year. And we're here because government needs accountability 365 days a year. From lobbying in Richmond to advocating at a local town hall, we empower and equip our members to effect change at the grassroots level. Changing the political landscape and effecting policy begins with our members. It begins with you. Will you help us?