Our Legislative Priorities


Medicaid/Healthcare Reform

  1. Stop Medicaid Expansion/Provider Tax 
  2. Clarify that Direct Primary Care is not insurance 
  3. Repeal Certificate of Public Need in three phases 

Education Reform – Parental Choice (PCESA)

  1. Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts  – Create a vehicle for free market education reform
  2. Charter Schools – Constitutional Amendment to move decision-making to the state level
  3. Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credits  - Expansion of tax credits
  4. Virtual Schools  – Create a school board for virtual schools

               (Click Here for videos about PCESA from Delegate Dave LaRock)

Election Integrity

  1. Enact  laws that will safeguard the privilege of voting for all our citizens

Convention of States

  1. A resolution calling for a Convention of States pursuant to Article V of the U.S. Constitution to restrain the abuse of power by the federal government