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Virginians for Virginia!

As the race for Virginia heats up, and with statewide primaries less than two months away (June 13th!!!), we are noticing a troubling trend in the Commonwealth. For yet another election, outsiders with deep pockets are stepping in to fund and stump for the Democrats.

"Tom Perriello, who won, then lost a congressional seat after a single term and hasn’t held office in seven years, is relying on endorsements from U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders and other national political headliners, many of them in the Obama and Sanders orbits, to give his surprise candidacy visibility beyond his home base of Charlottesville.

For a guy who talks and talks and talks about people-powered politics, Perriello is dependent on a handful of deep-pocketed people, most of them from outside Virginia, to power his campaign." (Source HERE)

Your Middle Resolution Team believes that Virginia’s elections should be about Virginia, not about parading around a national stage and not about “Feeling the Bern.” That is why we are proud to support and to have endorsed candidates whose campaigns are by Virginians and for Virginians.

Ed Gillespie, the candidate we have endorsed for Governor and current frontrunner according to a recent Quinnipiac poll, and John Adams, who will be the Republican nominee for Attorney General now that his opponents have either dropped out or failed to qualify for the ballot, both believe that the Commonwealth is best served by candidates and campaigns that are about Virginia.

The challenge with holding to this principle is funding. National celebrities bring big donors and bottomless pockets, and the Democrats don’t hesitate to reach into them to bolster campaigns that would otherwise be struggling for lack of local, grassroots support. This is why it is so important for you, the committed, informed, active citizens of the Commonwealth, to support your Middle Resolution. Your contributions go directly to our efforts to carry out our mission and to reinforce the campaign efforts of the candidates we have endorsed.

We need your help, but more importantly, in order to ensure victory in November, we must be able to compete against the likes of a George Soros and Bernie Sanders bankroll. Would you consider becoming a monthly donor for the remainder of the election cycle? Could you commit to contributing $20.17 a month until November so we can declare victory for 2017? We believe that nothing can compare to the power of a mobilized and engaged electorate and with your help, we will defeat the Democrats at their own, expensive game this fall.

Together let’s keep Virginia for Virginians! 

Easter Message

April 16, 2017 - Today Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the one event in history that is unparalleled in its effect upon the world. Nothing like this had ever happened before, and nothing since has equaled it. When Jesus rose from the grave, the impact was felt immediately and has continued to reverberate throughout the world. This event shook religions, cultures, governments, and individuals, too, as one by one, believers were transformed - and continue to be transformed - by Christ’s Resurrection's power. 

May today be a day of hope, peace, and love for you and those close to you.

Your Middle Resolution Team wishes you a happy Resurrection Day.


April 9, 2017 - We have been asking a lot of you lately! As you know, we are gearing up for Virginia’s Primary Elections on June 13th!  (Mark your calendars!) This is a busy time for us at The Middle Resolution, and we thank you for your continued support and your constant willingness to take action when it is needed. If you would like to sign up to be a volunteer, you can visit Action Virginia and get more involved!

Last week you were asked to remind our Republican legislators to Hold The Line on Medicaid Reform. Governor McAuliffe, once again, attempted to advance his agenda and expand Medicaid. You did not disappoint! Our legislators heard you and they remained faithful to their commitment by voting against Medicaid Expansion in the Commonwealth.

We also shared some exciting news with you last week - Craig DiSesa, long-time Middle Resolution member who served as our Director of Legislation & Accountability, accepted the position of President of The Middle Resolution. Craig will be regularly sharing his thoughts, priorities, goals, and accomplishments with you in the President’s Corner on the Middle Resolution Website. We encourage you to check it often!

Your Middle Resolution Team likes to keep you informed about various happenings around the Commonwealth, and we think you will find this upcoming event of great interest: The 6th District Republican Committee and the Sixth District Republican Women are hosting an Appreciation Gala honoring Don Huffman & Suzanne Curran on April 15 at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel & Conference Center in Staunton. The Special Guest Speakers include Dinesh D’Souza and Dr. Carol Swain! You can find out more about this event on the 6th District GOP’s Website. This is not a Middle Resolution-sponsored event, but it looks to be a very informative and should be an enjoyable evening.

Lastly, we would like to remind you that you can still be part of our $20.17 for 2017 campaign! Your contributions (monthly or one-time) provide the resources we need to continue working for you and for Virginia. Please consider contributing $20.17 a monthfor the remainder of 2017!

Thank you for your faithfulness and your commitment to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Hold The Line 

April 3, 2017 - You may be aware that Governor McAuliffe has called for Medicaid expansion yet again. On Wednesday all the legislators will be back in town to finalize the budget. The Republican legislators have reiterated their opposition to expansion and have pledged to hold the line as they have done so far. We believe it is time to and to remind them that it is important to us - their constituents - that they continue to oppose the Governor’s plans to expand Medicaid in the Commonwealth.

The Virginia Medicaid Reform Team is a robust coalition put together by The Middle Resolution and is a primary reason we have been able to hold off Gov. McAuliffe on the expansion. The Virginia Medicaid Reform Team recently put out a letter that you can copy and paste to send to Republican Legislators, asking them to remain steadfast in their opposition. You can look up and find Virginia’s elected officials here. Below we have included the letter, or you can write one of your own and send it to our battle-weary legislators.

Medicaid reform would be disastrous for the Commonwealth and we simply cannot allow Governor McAuliffe to push through this unwanted expansion at what is almost the eleventh hour of his Governorship. Tell our legislators to Hold the Line!

Thank you for your prompt attention and for your continued support of The Middle Resolution!

Dear “legislator”,

Our thousands of members and followers across Virginia thank you for quickly rejecting Gov. McAuliffe’s renewed call for Medicaid expansion earlier this week.  

The news about expansion has not gotten any better since our coalition letter to you in January. Since then, numerous news stories have appeared about severe cost and enrollment overruns in Illinois, Oregon, and other states. Lawmakers in Arkansas are seeking an enrollment freeze to cope with the disaster Medicaid expansion has caused there. The disabled and other vulnerable groups are having trouble accessing care in expansion states.  Meanwhile, expansion has hurt employment, destroyed hospital jobs, and crowded out private insurance – adverse effects expansion supporters never mention.  In Virginia, the hospital industry that claimed it could not survive without expansion is in fact thriving; profits and net worth are up.  The Governor did not mention any of this at his press conference.

The Paul Ryan Obamacare repeal bill shows that the days of unlimited Medicaid spending are numbered.  Whatever repeal bill eventually reaches the President’s desk will likely push Medicaid back to the states, with limited resources. It would be a grave mistake to expand the largest cost driver in Virginia’s budget at this uncertain juncture.

We will be watching the April General Assembly session with great interest and trust you will continue to stand strong against expansion.  




Louisiana Medicaid expansion blows past projections, presaging fiscal disaster for state.

“Kasich’s Medicaid expansion ran $2.9 billion over budget in the just the first two years.”

State budget program overruns are 42-222% in Medicaid expansion states

Medicaid expansion costs are more than triple original estimates in Illinois.

Over 11.5 million have signed up after Medicaid expansion in 24 states that only expected 5.5 million.

Stupid Arkansas lawmakers now fumbling with aftermath of Medicaid expansion explosion they voted for.

600,000 disabled can’t get Medicaid because ACA Medicaid expansion pushed entitlement into middle class.

Waiting list for truly vulnerable got longer in Arkansas after Medicaid expansion. #ToldYouSo

Labor-force participation is dropping in Medicaid expansion states

Medicaid expansion DESTROYS hospital jobs; it does not create them

Medicaid expansion crowds out private insurance by 15-50%

Virginia hospitals thriving w/o Medicaid expansion: profits, net worth up & number running deficit down since 2012

Our New President

April 2, 2017 - Today we are so very excited to make a special announcement about The Middle Resolution's leadership! Our board has unanimously elected Craig DiSesa President of Middle Resolution PAC!   

Craig is the leader we need to lead us forward.  He has an impressive background and a vast amount of practical experience that makes him uniquely qualified to be our president. His understanding of the issues most important to the citizens of the Commonwealth, along with his commitment to the values and principles held by the framers of the Constitution, will enable him to advocate and advance our priorities in the years to come.

Please take the time to get to know Craig and his vision for Middle Resolution PAC:

Dear Members,
Over the past eight years The Middle Resolution has experienced unparalleled success in Virginia politics. With your loyal support, The Middle Resolution has been able to send a clear message to legislators that we will not bend in our resolute defense of our principles:  limited government, economic freedom and equal opportunity for everyone.
Our strategy of influencing campaigns to elect constitutionally conservative candidates and drive legislation that aligns with our principles uniquely places us in a position of significant stature in the Commonwealth. This has allowed us to continually develop relationships both inside the legislature and outside the legislature, which in turn amplifies our influence.
Several months ago the Executive Committee began to discuss the future of The Middle Resolution. As with all non-profits, we have experienced stages of vision, growth and maturity. We have reached an inflection point where it is important that we decide if we are going to expand our impact in Virginia or continue on our present path. It didn’t take long for us to decide that our success has occurred for a reason and to ignore that would be a violation of the very vision our Founders had some 240 years ago.  
We unanimously decided to grow The Middle Resolution into the premier political organization in Virginia: We are committed to ensuring that when a donor contributes to our vision, they feel absolutely confident that their resources will achieve the desired results.
Since making that decision, we have been working diligently to develop a strategic long-term plan for The Middle Resolution’s future success. As part of that, we have included a succession plan for leadership. The first decision in this succession was to formalize the position of President.  Soon after that decision was made several members of the board encouraged me to consider transitioning into this position. After quite a bit of consultation from colleagues, prayer and encouragement from my family, I accepted.
Integrated into our long-term planning is a strategy for helping the Republican nominees for statewide office win in 2017.  This strategy includes:
  1. Endorsing candidates in the primaries.
  2. Focus on influencing voters to support candidates who commit to passing education choice.
  3. Improve voter list maintenance to ensure voter integrity.
  4. Prepare the battlefield for advancing education choice in the 2018 General Assembly.
I am absolutely convinced that we are distinctively positioned to move to the next level of influence. I invite you to join us on this incredible journey and ask that you support our efforts with your prayers and resources.
I am both honored and humbled by the trust The Middle Resolution’s executive committee and the board has placed in me. My promise to you is that I will execute my duties with the utmost integrity and serve you in a manner that makes you proud to call yourself a member of The Middle Resolution.
With sincere gratitude,
Craig DiSesa

Please join us in welcoming Craig as our new President!

Let's WIN in 2017! 

March 26, 2017 - What an exciting few weeks we have had here at The Middle Resolution! As you know, we endorsed John Adams for Attorney General at the beginning of this month and just last week we announced our endorsement of Ed Gillespie for Governor of the Commonwealth! We are looking forward to the primaries in June and to the General Election in November.

As you know we have also been hard at work advocating for the issues that are important to you. We were frustrated but not deterred when Governor McAuliffe vetoed four different education choice bills last week. The Governor’s complete disregard for our children’s education is a stark reminder that this upcoming election is crucial for the Commonwealth. Our children are depending on us!

The Commonwealth of Virginia cannot sustain another four years of a McAuliffe-style administration. We will do our part to ensure a victory for Constitutional Principles and Limited Government in the fall, but

We need your help. Let’s Win in 2017!

Would you consider giving a one-time gift of $20.17 to The Middle Resolution to help support our election -season efforts? We want to win in 2017 and we know you do too!

We also need the continued support of committed citizens who are willing to commit to being monthly donors. Can you sign up today to contribute a monthly gift of $20.17 for the rest of 2017?

Your contributions make our work possible and our work is only going to increase and intensify as November approaches. Can we count on you to support our efforts to restore fiscal responsibility, our founding principles, education justice and limited government here in the Commonwealth of Virginia?

Together, let’s WIN in 2017!

We Have Made Our Endorsement For Governor!

March 21, 2017 - Just moments ago, we made a Facebook Live announcement endorsing Republican Candidate Ed Gillespie for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  If you missed the announcement and the interview that followed, you can watch it HERE.  Middle Resolution Board Member Al Jackson made the announcement saying, “He has pledged to be a Governor for ALL Virginians. He has put together a campaign staff that is capable of helping him win not only the nomination but to win the governor’s seat in the next election. We are super excited and pleased to endorse Ed Gillespie for Governor of the great state of Virginia.”

The Commonwealth of Virginia cannot take another four years of McAuliffe's vetoes and his picking winners and losers. Another McAuliffe-style Democrat in Richmond would be disastrous for Virginia. We believe it is time to unite behind a candidate who has a strong and robust campaign structure and who knows how to campaign in a tough race. We have found these qualities in Ed Gillespie and his team.

Ed has proven his ability to hit the Democrats where it hurts, running one of the best U.S. Senate campaigns in the country in 2014. We need his experience and his foresight to win in November. Ed’s ability to plan ahead for taking office, his work with a variety of policy groups, and his mastery of the issues that are important to the people of Virginia impress and encourage us.

The Gillespie Campaign Team is committed to a vision that is based on the Constitutional Principles of limited Government and economic freedom. We want to see these Founding Ideals put into practice here in the Commonwealth.  After meeting with Ed and his team, and watching his Campaign unfold, we are convinced that he is the right candidate for the job.

If you haven’t yet watched the video of our endorsement and the interview conducted by board member, Al Jackson, you can watch it here

Tune In Tuesday!

March 19, 2017 - We had so much fun with our Facebook Live Endorsement of John Adams for Attorney General, we decided that we would do it again.  Except this time, we are ready to announce our endorsement for Governor!

Be sure to tune in this Tuesday, March 21 around 4pm for our Live Announcement on our Facebook page!

Don’t worry, if you don’t have Facebook. We will send you the reveal shortly after the live announcement!

As you've seen in the past, we take our endorsements very seriously - as a duty to you, our members. When we decide to back a candidate, you can be sure that 1) we have really done our homework, 2) the candidate stands out above the rest, and 3) they align with our values and mission.

We are looking forward to revealing who we have chosen to support for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Don’t forget to check our Facebook Page for more details leading up to Tuesday!

We have decided to refrain from endorsing a candidate for Lieutenant Governor at this time. The candidates and their campaigns have been notified and we will continue to watch as this Primary Season unfolds.

What a Week

March 12, 2017 - This has been a busy and exciting week here at The Middle Resolution! We kicked off the week with our Special Announcement endorsing John Adams for Attorney General. (If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can watch it HERE). Mr. Adams impresses us with his experience, his knowledge of the Constitution, his grasp on the issues important to Virginians and his desire to serve. We encourage you to learn more about Mr. Adams in the coming weeks.

This week we also put out a Call-to-Action about Del. Dave LaRock’s PCESA Legislation, HB1605. As you  know, it passed both the House and the Senate in Richmond and is awaiting Governor McAuliffe’s signature or veto. We are urging our members and friends to call the Governor to ask him to sign HB1605 into law!

Lastly, we announced our next Member Meeting and would like to remind you that you can renew your Membership, or join as a Member by Clicking Here. Your support makes our legislative and electoral work possible.   

The next Member Meeting is Wednesday, March 15th from 7am - 9am at Hanover Tavern, 13181 Hanover Courthouse Rd., Hanover, VA 23069.  Donuts and coffee will be provided and we will be joined by Special Guest John Adams! There will be time for a Q and A and for you to get to know him.  

We look forward to seeing you this week at our Member Meeting and to continuing to keep you informed on the issues that are important to you. Thank you for your continuing support and for making your voices heard in Richmond.

For Immediate Release

The Middle Resolution Endorses John Adams for Attorney General

Mechanicsville, VA - On March 5, 2017, Middle Resolution PAC announced its endorsement of John Adams for Attorney General. The announcement was made during a Facebook Live event. Middle Resolution Board Member, Al Jackson, met with the candidate in his campaign office to make the announcement Live on Social Media. “We are here this evening to endorse John Adams to win this race for Attorney General. We want him to be the next Attorney General for Virginia.”

Jackson then spoke with Adams about his experience on the campaign trail, his interpretation of the Constitution and his experience as a Clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas and later as a lawyer in the White House under George W. Bush.  

Adams thanked Jackson and Middle Resolution PAC for the endorsement and commented, “I care a great deal about our Constitution and I care deeply about the rule of law and over the last 4 years here in Virginia we have had an attorney general who has not handled that office the way it should be handled. So I decided to seek public office.”

Adams explained his vision for his role as Attorney General, “The American people and folks in the Commonwealth of Virginia feel like the government isn’t serving the people anymore. The people feel like they are serving the Government, and that is just not the way our system was designed...If I can do my part as the Attorney for the Commonwealth of Virginia to return the rule of law to allow the people to govern themselves the way they see fit by enforcing the laws they pass, by being their lawyer and serving them, then I’ll feel great if I can do my part in that way.”

Middle Resolution PAC is advocating heavily for Parental Choice in Education this election season. Adams affirmed the rights of parents to educate their children in the best way available to them, “We will all thrive when we have outstanding options for parents. Whether they want to homeschool their kids, whether they want to send them to religious schools, private schools, public schools, charter schools - that's how we are going to thrive as a society.”  John Adams’ campaign website is

The statewide primary election will take place on June 13, 2017 and the general election for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and the House of Delegates will be held on November 7, 2017.

The Middle Resolution is committed to advancing free market principles and equal rights for all citizens of Virginia by helping to elect candidates who align with our values and principles, advancing public policy that reflects our values and principles, and holding politicians accountable to their promises of  limited government.

Achieving this mission requires establishing leadership that is committed to the principles of constitutional government and acts consistently on the values of integrity, personal responsibility, courage, and justice. The Middle Resolution’s Website is found here.


For more information:


Call the Governor! 

March 9, 2017 - Last week we shared some good news with you about HB1605, Delegate Dave LaRock’s Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts Legislation. It was passed by both the House and Senate in Richmond and is now on the Governor’s desk awaiting his signature or veto.

Please Call Richmond and tell Governor McAuliffe to SIGN HB1605, the PCESA Bill.


This PCESA Bill would particularly benefit low income and developmentally disadvantaged and disabled children ensuring Education Justice for our students. We simply can’t see how it would benefit the Commonwealth, our children or their future to veto it. Please urge our Governor to do right by our children and SIGN HB1605, The PCESA Bill.

As you know a similar bill was defeated by our Lt. Governor when he voted against it as a tie -breaker. Our Administration has another chance, with HB1605, to correct this wrong against our children and their futures. Please don’t hesitate to make your voice heard and respectfully ask Governor McAuliffe to sign the Legislation into Law. Please tell him you support Education Justice here in the Commonwealth.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this pressing matter! We know that when we put out an alert or call to action, we can count on you to come through. Together, we are the voice of Democracy in our Commonwealth!

Committed to Liberty and Justice for all, We Are,
Your Middle Resolution Team


March 5, 2017 - Just minutes ago we announced our endorsement of John Adams for Attorney General. We made this announcement LIVE on Facebook but if you missed it here is a link to the video footage.

We are so pleased and excited to endorse John. A proud father, Navy Veteran, and former Clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas, we believe he is exactly the Attorney General that the Commonwealth needs.



Click this Link to view the video of our endorsement and a short conversation with John Adams about his campaign experience so far, his thoughts on Education, the recent Supreme Court Nomination made by President Trump, his opinion on an originalist approach to the Constitution, how the Commonwealth needs to stop “selling our sovereignty” to the Federal Government and more!

Click here to view the video now!


Exciting Announcement! 

March 5, 2017 - We have an exciting announcement to make!

Join us LIVE on Facebook at 7pm TONIGHT as we talk with a Special Guest and make this big announcement!

This announcement will change the dynamic of 2017. You aren’t going to want to miss seeing it LIVE tonight at 7pm!

This is the first time in the history of the Commonwealth that an announcement of this kind will be made in this way! We are so excited to invite you to join us LIVE tonight to make history!

Be sure to Go To Our Facebook Page, click “Like” and watch the Facebook Live video that will begin at 7pm! Don’t worry if you miss it!  We will send a link to the video footage for you to watch later!

See you tonight at 7pm!

Behind the Scenes

February 26, 2017 - “Your Middle Resolution Team is hard at work.” You’ve heard this phrase more than once and if you check out our website, you’ll read:

"At The Middle Resolution, we are committed to government that promotes; The Constitution, fiscal and individual responsibility, low taxes, and limited government regulation. The Middle Resolution PAC supports candidates who reflect the organization's values, principles and goals. We are busy on many fronts, to include: grassroots advocacy, evaluating legislation, studying candidates for election, understanding and educating on the issues…”

But what exactly does that mean? What does that work and this commitment look like? With a Commonwealth-wide election almost upon us and a busy Legislative Session underway we thought you might like a small glimpse behind the scenes of the Middle Resolution.

We have been busy in Richmond and at our Headquarters reviewing legislation, speaking with elected officials and advocating for the policies and proposals that adhere to our nation’s Founding Principles. One of our Team Members recently met with Delegate Dave LaRock to celebrate and support his recently passed Bill, HB1605, which would establish Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts and ensure Education Justice for the students of the Commonwealth, particularly those with special needs and in low income situations.  

Middle Resolution Team Member, Craig DiSesa, with Del. Dave LaRock. 

Middle Resolution Team Member, Craig DiSesa, with Del. Dave LaRock. 

We have also been quite busy preparing for the Gubernatorial, Lieutenant General, and Attorney General elections. This involves interviewing candidates, researching, fact checking, polling, and debating. As you know, The Middle Resolution does not endorse a candidate unless we feel he or she is the absolute best person for the job. We want you to know you can trust our endorsements and to know that they are earned - not given. In a few weeks we will begin to reveal which candidates have earned such an endorsement from us. Be sure you are plugged in to our Facebook and Twitter pages and that you are subscribed to this newsletter. You aren’t going to want to miss the endorsements - or how we reveal them - trust us!

Throughout the year you have probably also noticed that we host events and participate in happenings around the Commonwealth that advance our mission and provide opportunities for you to learn more about the fundamental principles that we hold dear. You can expect more of these as 2017 progresses and we hope to see you there!

These are just a few small glimpses ‘behind the scenes’ of the Middle Resolution and we hope that you are assured of our tireless commitment to you and to our mission. Please forward this email to friends or family who would be interested in staying up to date and receiving our weekly Newsletters! They can sign up HERE.

Going Live!

February 19, 2017 - This is going to be an exciting year in the Commonwealth! Between what we hope will be a productive Legislative Session and the upcoming races for Attorney General, Lieutenant Governor and Governor, your Middle Resolution Team is hard at work!

As we continue to work for you, we occasionally come across resources that we think you might find beneficial and we want to share. One of these resources is new to Richmond and we think it's pretty great. The State House and Senate are now live streaming floor sessions and archiving the video footage to be viewed at your convenience! This link is for the House and this link is for the Senate. Additionally, Progress Virginia has launched an initiative called “Eyes on Virginia” that uses UStream to broadcast and archive Committee Meetings in Richmond. You can check that out here.  These are useful tools for constituents. You can check in and see how your elected officials are representing you and your priorities and watch as legislation that is important to you is voted upon and debated. We think this a great step towards more transparency in our State Government and we encourage you to take advantage of these video feeds and archives.

In PCESA news, this week we were pleased to see that HB1605, the Parental Choice Education Savings Account bill that originated in the House, passed through the Senate Health and Education Committee and is making its way through the Senate Finance Committee. We will continue to follow this bill closely and hope that it does not meet the same fate as its Senate counterpart, SB1243, which was defeated when Lt. Governor Ralph Northam voted against it to break a tie.

As the Legislative Session continues and we begin to gear up for the elections, we invite you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you can stay up to date and informed as we work for you. Please encourage your friends and family to sign up for these weekly emailsand to follow us as well!

Good News About PCESA and A New Ed. Secretary!

February 12, 2017 - This week we are happy to pass along some good news regarding one of the Parental Choice Education Savings Account (PCESA) Bills that is making its way through Richmond. HB1605 was passed by the House on Tuesday and is on the way to the Senate. Unfortunately, the Senate version, SB1243 was defeated when the vote ended in a tie, which was broken by the Lt. Governor voting against special needs and poor children in favor of special interests.

Commenting on the tie-breaking vote by the Lt. Governor, Craig DiSesa of the Middle Resolution said,

“Once again, the LT. Governor and the democrats demonstrate their preference for special interests over special needs. [Tuesday], Lt. Governor Ralph Northam caved to the education bureaucracy by voting “no" on SB1243 that would have given special needs children and children living in poverty an opportunity to leave schools that are failing them. Fortunately, 2017 is an election year in VA. It is time for Virginia to elect a Governor and Lt. Governor who will side with children who are suffering in the inner-city instead of siding with the powerful special interests that block education choice every chance they have.”

There was another, more historic, tie-breaking vote cast last week as well. Vice President Mike Pence cast the deciding vote to confirm Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education; a first for a sitting Vice President. Mrs. DeVos is a supporter of Parental Choice in Education and we are very optimistic for the future of education in America and here in the Commonwealth with her at the helm. After a contentious battle for her confirmation we are happy to Congratulate her on her new role in the Trump Administration.

As always, we will continue to keep you informed and call for action when the need arises so be sure you follow us on Facebook andTwitter and invite your friends and family to do the same!

If you have yet to sign our Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts Petition, there is still time and you can do so HERE.

Voter Integrity

February 5, 2017 - We have been keeping you informed about our efforts to maintain voter integrity here in the Commonwealth.  We are encouraged by recent developments pertaining to two lawsuits filed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF). Accoding to a  recent Press Release, the court ruled in favor of PILF, requiring the City of Manassas and the County of Chesterfield to disclose the total number of noncitizens registered to vote in these jurisdictions.

“These are positive steps toward quantifying the true extent of noncitizen voter registration in Virginia,” PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams said. “Washington and Richmond alike are positioned to consider various election integrity reforms and are right to do so. Those discussions deserve precise data like we’ve obtained.”

According to the release: In light of the recent case developments, PILF is now preparing new measures for Virginia jurisdictions still refusing to provide records indicating noncitizen voting activity.

We are proud to have a strong partnership with the Virginia Voters Alliance and believe that it is time for the Commonwealth to enact Voter Integrity laws that will safeguard the privilege of voting for all our citizens. The closure of the two lawsuits against Manassas and Chesterfield has given us some momentum and we need to take advantage of the conversations that are taking place in Richmond to promote and promulgate our Voter Integrity initiative.

We need YOUR help in order to effect lasting and legislative change. Would you consider joining our 1776 Fund by making a monthly contribution of $17.76? Or giving a larger one time gift to ensure your Middle Resolution Team has the resources we need to continue to work for YOU on this very important issue.

Voter Fraud and the abuse of the franchise to vote is intolerable, and we will continue to work to restore and protect this privilege for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia, with your help.

Obama's Unproven Spending

January 29, 2017 - We are happy to share with you some momentum regarding education choice and our current Legislative Session. On Thursday SB1243 andHB1605 both passed through the Senate Education and Health Committee and House Education Committee and are on their way to the respective financial committees. Please continue to voice your support for Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts! Richmond is listening!  

We also encourage you to make your support known by signing the petition at Action Virginia! Simply click HERE to voice your support for PCESA! We are all more effective when we raise our voices together, so please forward this email and ask your friends and family to sign as well.

One of the biggest failures in recent federal education policy is The School Improvement Grant Program. It is described by the Washington Post“One of the Obama administration’s signature efforts in education, which pumped billions of federal dollars into overhauling the nation’s worst schools, failed to produce meaningful results, according to a federal analysis.”

“We’re talking about millions of kids who are assigned to these failing schools, and we just spent several billion dollars promising them things were going to get better,” said Andy Smarick, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute who has long been skeptical that the Obama administration’s strategy would work. “Think of what all that money could have been spent on instead.”

This is just one of the many examples of how simply funneling money into an already broken system is not a solution. For this reason, and the other reasons we have been sharing with you over the last few months, we oppose throwing money at unproven reforms in education and instead support Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts.

“Results from the School Improvement Grants have shored up previous research showing that pouring money into dysfunctional schools and systems does not work, Smarick said: “I can imagine Betsy DeVos and Donald Trump saying this is exactly why kids need school choice.”

Please be proactive in your support for PCESA. Sign our petition, usethis link to make your voice heard in Richmond, and continue to communicate with your elected officials. Our children deserve OURvery best effort to give them the educations they both need and deserve.

Thank you for your support and your commitment to the future of Virginia!



January 22, 2017 - The 2017 Legislative Session is in full swing and your Middle Resolution Team is hard at work for you and for the Commonwealth.  We have a few Legislative priorities for this session and you can read about them HERE under the “Other Legislative Priorities” tab.

As you know, one of these priorities is Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts (PCESA). We invite you to go HERE and sign a petition to show your support for PCESA! Many of you received an Action Alert this week because a PCESA Bill was to be introduced in Committee. This legislation will be reappearing this week, most likely on Thursday, and we encourage your continued calls into Richmond to voice your support.

In addition to PCESA, one of our priorities for this session is Election Law Reform.

You may recall that we raised the alarm before the General Election in November with regards to certain localities in Virginia allegedly participating in or covering up fraud. At the beginning of November a lawsuit was filed against two Voter Registrars in the Commonwealth by the Public Interest Legal Foundation. As alleged in the complaint, both of these registrars refused requests to access records relating to voters dropped from the rolls because they were found to not be citizens of the United States.  

This is evidence of a larger issue: the need for Election Law Reform in the Commonwealth, and we are committed to working towards that end in Richmond. The Legislation we support can be found HERE and includes voter ID requirementsproof of citizenship, and alerting registrars of voters who are registered in two or more states.

As the Session continues and it gets even busier in Richmond, you can be sure that we will keep you up to date and encourage you to make your own voices heard when you receive an Action alert from your Middle Resolution Team; and of course, you can rest assured that we are on the job!