Our Strategy for Accountability

We at the Middle Resolution are committed to making it politically expedient for politicians to do the right thing. This means accountability becomes a paramount focus for our team.

Over the years, we have seen first-hand just how challenging it can be for a legislator to hold true to his or her principles and values.  Pressure from leadership, constituents, and media can make it difficult.  We work closely with our legislative partners to insure fiscal integrity and protection of individual rights remain priorities.

As part of our mission, we are committed to holding legislators accountable for their votes and conduct during session.  We work hard to understand voting rationale pre- and post-session.  Our goal is to provide them with analysis of potential legislation and our expectations. 

We use an inside /outside strategy that helps legislators stay true to the proper role of government.

The Inside Strategy Includes:

  • Helping elect constitutionally conservative candidates in primary and general elections

  • Developing and advancing policy that promotes the proper role of government

  • Providing resources to legislators so that they can defend their position on difficult policy

  • Building relationships within the legislature to foster trust and influence

  • Consulting on legislative strategy

The Outside Strategy Includes: 

  • Developing effective coalitions to encourage legislators to vote properly on policy

  • Engaging citizens in the electoral process

  • Strengthening the integrity of the election process

  • Educating citizens on policy

  • Applying pressure on legislators through constituent contact

  • Primary incumbents who refuse to keep their commitments